I’ve toyed with the idea of a blog for a while now but just never got round to it. In hindsight I wish I’d started when I was doing Project 365, but that’s by the by. When Natalie at the Yarn Yard started up Making Monday recently that was the final bit of inspiration that got me to take the plunge.

So here we are, my nice shiny new blog to document what I get up to. And without further ado, my latest crafting adventure: Spinning.

I’ve been very curious about spinning, yet also ‘afraid’ of it for some reason…but I got over it and asked my partner for a spindle for my birthday. So last month he got me two, and a good bit of fibre to play with 🙂 I got a top whorl, and also a bottom whorl, slightly heavier, with a pretty peony painted on. Both from Hand Spinner.



Just before that I’d bought Abby Franquemont’s Respect the Spindle to get acquainted with spinning. It’s been a good guide for starting out, and there’s a lot in there to try as I get better (hopefully!).

For now my singles are very “thick-thin”, which is apparently normal for beginners, so no worries there 🙂 

2 plied singles ready for a soak

The first lot I spun up and plied was enough for an interesting swatch…

Gauge: 10 st and 16 rows to 4 inches, on 8mm needles

And then I got a little braver and tried plying different colours 

Gauge: 11.5st and 16 rows to 4 inches, on 6mm needles

A little crazy, but why not…

Incidentally, what do you call one single? A piece of single, a length of single, or just “a single”…?

5 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. …and i thoughrt spinning was what Alistair Cmapbell did for a living!


    Really amazes me the stuff you get up to with knitting Sak!! Well done and good luck with the blog!

  2. A single, or sometimes ‘singles yarn’ if that’s how it’s used when knitted up.

    Great job! I love the thick and thin of handspun yarn. If it’s too perfect, you might as well buy commercial yarn, I think.

  3. hey sak!!! welcome ot the blogging world………….which reminds me i should really do another blog entry its been a while! its cool that you can spin whatever combo you like! look forward to seeing what you spin next!

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