My friend Sarah will be leaving Aberdeen very soon, so as a wee going away gift I crocheted her a Swirly Brooch (Ravelry pattern). I liked that it was a circle made up of circles, which to me seemed like a good symbol of ‘Not goodbye, but see you later.’

Sarah's brooch 2

It was an easy enough pattern, but boy did I have issues joining the first few circles, trying to get them to line up the right way round! Luckily Gareth was on hand with his well developed visuo-spatial abilities, so it was certainly a gift from both of us.

On Saturday, as it was a fine, sunny day, I went over to the Cruickshank Gardens to take photos, and decided to look out for circles.


2011-08-20 Circles 02

2011-08-20 Circles 06

2011-08-20 Circles 07

2011-08-20 Circles 10

2011-08-20 Circles 09


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