Purple plan

Moving on from my first attempts at spinning, I’ve been working on something a little more specific. As  part of my birthday fibre I’d gotten a mix-bag of purple shades, and Gareth suggested plying up the shades ‘gradually.’ I got another bag of the same stuff (with one or two different shades) and picked out the ones that went together best.
So, beginning with the lightest shade (I believe their names are lavendar, amethyst, and aubergine), the plan is to ply colour A with itself, then colour A + colour B, colour B + colour C, and finish off with colour C on its own.

Depending on how much meterage I get out of it, I’m thinking it will knit up as a nice cabled scarf, or a snuggly cowl. I’ve got snuggly things on the brain, seeing as the weather’s been very late-Octoberish instead of Augusty…can’t complain too much though, Aberdeen weather becomes whimsical and charming in the light of hurricane Irene reports…

Who needs bobbins...

So for the moment, I’ve spun and plied up the lavendar section, and am working on plying the lavendar + amethyst section. I don’t know if this is the norm, but I’m finding plying more tiring than spinning singles.

Perhaps it’s keeping hold of the singles, trying to maintain tension and avoid tangling, being overly anxious about it all going to pieces…anyway, I think my next investment might be a lazy kate.

In other news, I had to shell out for new glasses, boo…but they’re pretty, yay!

I leave you with a little haiku on paying for said glasses

Lovely, how much please?
Let me get my purse – uh oh
Lucky Gareth’s here

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