Chickadees and sleeves

The past week’s gone by so quickly, I don’t quite know what I’ve been doing…One of the highlights though was winning the quiz at the Belmont cinema bar! Normally it’s a film quiz which is usually ridiculously hard (my team aim for “not last”), but this week it was a general quiz as part of a charity night, with all proceeds going towards building water wells in Niger. We’ll savour the glory while we can, before we get put firmly back in our place this week…

I also went to a wedding fair for the first time today, with a friend who got engaged a few months ago. It was only a little fair, but it was nice going around and seeing all the lovely flowers, dresses, decor, cakes, and tasting some yummy canapés. The only thing we were Not Impressed with was one of the promoters at the wedding dress section. The conversation between my friend and her went…

“I’m looking for dresses with sleeves”

“Ohhh, you’ll not find many of them…”

“Yeah, I’ve noticed they seem to be mostly strapless, but I’d quite like long or 3 quarter sleeves”

“We can add straps to a dress, and maybe cap sleeves, but not really longer sleeves…you’re not doing yourself any favours looking for sleeves”


There’s not been much progress on the spinning this week, although I’ve got my singles to stop tangling so much while plying.

But I have made some progress on my Little Liza Jane toddler dress, which will be a gift for a wee niece. It’s a lovely pattern and is knitting up nicely.

And I’ve absolutely fallen in love with Ysolda’s chickadee cardigan. I keep looking at the photos on ravelry, and researching yarn (very naughty, as I have other things lined up!). I think I’d do it in a ‘berryish’ purple, with a cream or light grey stripe, teal border along the stripe, and dusky pink chickadees…

I’ve been eyeing up Ysolda’s designs for a while now, but I think this is The One. The other patterns in Little Red in the City look great too – simple, and yet with a touch of something special…and the reviews sound fantastic as I’m quite keen on something that tells you more about customising and getting the right fit for yourself. So it’s in my wishlist, and as a show of deep discipline I shall buy it only after the toddler dress is finished. Definitely after.

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