Spinning accessories

I’ve treated myself to a couple of new tools…

A niddy noddy,

and a nostepinne.

Here is the niddy noddy in action, with a plied up skein of lavender + amethyst from the Purple Plan.

I’m really pleased with this skein, I think the colours came out well, and I’m looking forward to getting on with the next set of colours.

I haven’t properly used the nostepinne yet but I’m sure I’ll excitedly show off neatly wound little balls of yarn at some point. If you haven’t come across nostepinnes before, this video shows how to use them.

And I really like saying ‘nostepinne.’ It’s one of those words that just rolls off the tongue, and it sounds mysterious and magical, like something to do with woodland fairies…

5 thoughts on “Spinning accessories

  1. I totally forgot to google that! Luckily we have you to look after these things…Although this is more like the sort of knitting porn I had in mind –

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