Presents from Cornwall

Gareth was away in Cornwall on work for a couple of weeks, and when he came back he brought some treats with him.

Cornish ciders and beers
2011-09-18 Cornish delights 01
I love this flagon! There’s another one as well. Any ideas for using / displaying them once the cider is finished?

2011-09-18 Cornish delights 02

“Proper Job” is a common phrase in Cornwall.
2011-09-18 Cornish delights 04

I’ve been on call for work though, so I haven’t actually been able to try any yet, but Gareth reports that they’re very nice. I’m keen to try the pear one in particular, as I prefer pear to apple cider. Apart from my usual favourite, Kopparberg, I’ve only had Bulmers and Magners pear – both of which fail miserably in comparison to the Koppaberg one (in my humble opinion…), so we’ll see what this Rattler stuff is like. CAMRA don’t recognise most of the commercial pear ciders, but I tend to prefer the sweeter taste compared to real perry.

We also got Cornish jams, pickle, and honey – all very yummy
2011-09-18 Cornish delights 04

And we also got some new plants, both from the ginger family – Myoga (Zingiber mioga) and Assam Orange (Hedychium densiflorum). Both have joined the others on the bathroom window ledge (as it’s the best spot for sunlight!).

2011-09-25 Zingibar and Lilly 03

At first I thought the Myoga ginger was a lilly, as I thought its leaves looked like our peace lilly’s leaves. But on closer inspection they’re quite different…

2011-09-25 Zingibar and Lilly 02

Lilly on the left, ginger on the right

It was nice and sunny today, and the ginger leaves were very pretty with the light shining through.
2011-09-25 Zingibar and Lilly 01

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