Catching butterflies

Cute little butterflies…Catching Butterflies 02

meet a welcoming pair of handwarmers.
Catching Butterflies 03

Catching Butterflies 01

Catching Butterflies
A lovely pattern from Tiny Owl Knits (she’s also behind the hexipuffs – Google it if you’re not already caught up…).

They were finished at the weekend, and given to their recipient on Tuesday. They were meant to be a going away present for my friend Emily, but circumstances changed. So they became a “glad-you’re-staying-but-I-know-you-might-also-be-leaving-later-on-but-either-way-you-rock” present. She liked them 🙂 And most importantly they fit! Forgot to take a photo of her wearing them though.

A butterfly up close

They’re so sweet and so easy to make. I want to put little butterflies on everything now…

3 thoughts on “Catching butterflies

  1. I saw these on Emily the other night and they are fab! I’m totally want to commission you for a pair. I don’t think my knitting ability will be up to scratch to knit them for a while x

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