Sunday afternoon stroll

I was down in London last weekend, just in time for the last of the glorious weather. On the Sunday I met up with relatives and we had lunch at a lovely pub in Cookham. After that we went to the Hambleden Lock, where I learnt about weirs and locks.

Canadian geese hanging out at the weir.
2011-10-02 Hambledon Lock 01

I had an old school disposable camera for the weekend, which felt pretty liberating in a way. Bearing in mind that some just aren’t going to turn out well, there’s something quite nice about not knowing how the shots look, and each one is a surprise when you go through the developed photos.

The still side of the river
2011-10-02 Hambledon Lock 03

And the flowing side
2011-10-02 Hambledon Lock 04

I really quite like the ’70s’ look of the photos – no need for instagram here, just a disposable and a bright, sunny day.

We crossed over the lock and saw it in action, with lots of little (and big!) boats go by. Walking on along the river we also saw a hot air balloon. 2011-10-02 Hambledon Lock 05

The balloon was soon joined in the sky by a biplane, a commercial jet, and birds – “Things That Fly”

The last photo was taken on my phone with the zoom on full, hence the graininess, but it’s quite a pleasant ‘softening’ effect as well. I moved on to my phone as the disposable had finished. Unfortunately I hadn’t quite realised soon enough that it had finished, so some shots that I thought I’d taken just don’t exist…Oh well, all part of the fun.

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