Travel knitting

A couple of friends and I visited a vintage craft fair at I Heart Art today. There were some lovely things there, but I was a model of restraint and just got a ladybird ring (that I’d been eyeing up online for a while now) from Camilla, and a cute wee badge from Emily. After looking round the fair we adjourned for coffee and crafting of our own. I taught my friend Judith to cast on and refreshed her memory on knit stitch, and taught another friend to purl and to bind off. I’m of the school of thought that new knitters should learn to purl as soon as possible, as I don’t get this stigma that seems to exist around purling. I feel that new knitters get put off purling because they’ve been told it’s difficult…nonsense, it’s just different. I thus hasten to add that I would’ve done purling with Judith, except we ran out of time and had to get going!

So, as the title suggests, we’re going on holiday to Malaysia very soon, and I’ve got a few things I can work on during the long haul flights and stopovers. Malaysia being home, there’s people to see, things to do, etc., etc. I haven’t even got there and already the calendar’s getting filled up, so I don’t forsee much knitting being done outside of planes and airports!

First off I’ve started an aran vest, with the yarn and pattern that Gareth’s parents got me for my birthday.
Aran vest 01

It should eventually end up looking like this pink vest (Wendy Aran, Book 274).
Aran vest 02

I’ve also promised Judith that I’ll make her an earwarmer headband like one I did last year:
Earwarmer headband 02

I tried to come up with a few patterns, like an ivy leaf, which looked more like a fat star…and some other abstract ones (the blocks were Gareth’s pattern but I haven’t done it much justice). They mostly didn’t work because I’d kinda forgotten how to do double knitting correctly, so my first few swatches didn’t quite go according to plan…
Jude's earwarmer 01

They are also in very ’70s blue and orange, because on the interweb Colours May Vary…poor Judith’s “teal and burnt orange” ended up more aggressive than autumnal.

Anyway, with the help of YouTube I finally realised what I was doing wrong and sorted out my double knitting. I also did some more charting up, dug in my stash for more suitable colours, and ended up with this swatch, of which Judith approved. I’ll get more yarn in these colours tomorrow, as these yarns are half used balls and I’m not sure if there’s enough. They’re also a mix of soy and wool (blue), and cotton and silk (brown), whereas I’d prefer pure wool so as to be nice and stretchy for a headband.
Jude's earwarmer 03

And finally, there are the hexipuffs, of course. I’ve put together a little hexipuffing kit:2011-11-06 Hexipuffs 03

– Leftovers and mini skeins of yarn
– 2 sets of double pointed needles
– crochet hook and needle (for binding off, picking up dropped stitches, tucking in tails, etc.)
– pattern instructions (although they’re there more to show people what the finished product will look like)
– bits of yarn ends for stuffing puffs.

All stowed in a cute case from Paperchase!
2011-11-06 Hexipuffs 02

So vest, headband, and puffs. I don’t know how much actual knitting will be done, but I won’t be at a loss for projects!

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