Happy New Year

Here’s the little toilet roll piggy!


We’re at Gareth’s parents’ in Jersey over New Year, so I’m trying out phone blogging with the WordPress app. No idea how it’ll turn out, but might as well try! 2011’s been a bit like that, trying new things, not knowing how it’ll go, but hoping for the best and going for it anyway.

This year’s highlights include passing my British driving test, starting this blog, taking on some new tasks at work, visiting some lovely places, and Gareth getting his work contract extended for the next few years. There have been goodbyes as well, some friends have left Aberdeen, and my brother and his wife started divorce proceedings. The new year brings new beginnings though, and as for us, now that we know we’ll be in Aberdeen for a while yet, we’ve decided to get a place of our own next year (mortgage advisor appointment in a couple of weeks, eek!)

So I’m looking forward to next year, as I think there are going to be some exciting developments and new adventures to take on. I’m also looking forward to that little sporting event on in London in the summer. Everyone’s got an opinion on it, but all that aside I genuinely love international sporting events, and am very excited about a big one being held just down the road from me (relative to, say, Australia…). Oh and I have some tickets 🙂

So goodbye 2011, I hope you all have a great new year, and I’m off to a party to welcome in Twenty Twelfty!

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