We had a nice relaxing week in Jersey, and amongst other things, got to hang out with this young scamp
2011-12-31 Jersey 01

That’s Beau, Gareth’s parents’ wire hair fox terrier. He’s about 7 months old, and VERY lively. He’s very cute, but a little exhausting, and forgets that his little teeth are rather pointy…I’m sure he’ll mellow down eventually though.

On one of the days we also went down to the Five Mile Road and walked about the dunes there
2012-01-02 Jersey 02

It was super windy, and there were lots of kitesurfers as well
2012-01-02 Jersey 08

On our last day we went to Durrell, Jersey’s equivalent of a zoo. I’ve always loved Gerald Durrell’s books, and it was very exciting the first time I visited a couple of years ago. I can confirm it is still exciting, even in the winter, although you don’t get to see as much, as some of the animals prefer to stay in the warmer ‘indoor’ sections of their enclosures. Some of the animals change about every so often, as it’s a conservation centre, but there are always old favourites like this Alaotran gentle lemur.
2012-01-06 Jersey 18

The seagull was trying to nonchalantly blend in with the flamingos…
2012-01-06 Jersey 15

These red river hogs were new to us and immediately became one my favourites. I just love those ridiculous ears. I think it makes them look rather like old wizards; they’d fit right into a Terry Pratchett story.
2012-01-06 Jersey 13

We didn’t get out as much as we would’ve liked to, as the horrid weather that was raging about the mainland was hanging about Jersey as well, and on top of that Gareth’s poor parents had their car out of action for a few days. Turns out some water had got into the tank at the place where they’d topped up petrol, so the car tank had to be completely cleaned out and refitted. They weren’t the only ones of course, and thankfully the petrol garage were quick enough to accept liability and cover the repair costs.

So that meant a lot of chilling out at home, which was nice in itself, and Gareth got to watch a LOT of football on Sky, while I got to watch lots of football while doing lots of knitting. I made another toilet roll piggy for Gareth’s mum
Toilet roll piggy 03

And finally finished Judith’s earwarmer.
Jude's earwarmer 06

I also did a couple of hexipuffs of course, and worked on the aran vest a little more. I’m in the mood for starting some socks next.

Here’s a little something else we picked up in town, from the fish market. Scallop shells make excellent tealight holders.
2012-01-07 Scallop shells

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