New year, new adventures

It’s been a busy couple of weeks, and there’s been a lot of filing and sorting out going on. The not-so-fun part was putting together a visa application as my current one was coming to its end. This involved various proofs of identity and address, to show that Gareth and I are real people and have indeed been living at the same address over the past few years, financial and employment evidence, and an application form that includes a bit where I declare I haven’t participated in terrorist activity or war crimes. It all culminated in a day trip to Glasgow, to the Border Agency office there. I’m not sure which was scarier, the visa application process or carrying mine and Gareth’s entire identities in my bag (or the football, as Gareth referred to it). In the end it was all fine and I’m good to go (or stay, rather) for another two years, yay!

The fun part, on the other hand, has been getting started with house hunting. Now that the visa is all sorted we can concentrate on looking for a place of our own; a proper wee house with a little more space, and hopefully a bit of garden. Our appointment with the mortgage advisor last week went well, and it’s been pretty exciting going through the property listings, and looking through the details and photos. We’ve got three viewings lined up tomorrow, which, as I’ve been told, is when the fun really begins.

So it’s all go at the moment, and the next few months are glimmering with opportunities and possibilities.

2012-01-18 Glasgow, by the Gallery of Modern Art
Before our train home we stopped by the Gallery of Modern Art, which is in a square with these lovely fairy lights overhead

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