Making Monday: Fun with lining

We have a couple of wooden chests (good old fashioned flatpack jobs), which we decided to line with fabric. They used to be full of books and random other stuff, but having cleared those out we decided they’d be good for keeping sheets and duvets.

We used an old bedsheet, and decided to go down the route of sewing up an open ‘bag’ to fit in the chest, and then attaching the top edges to the chest. There were some issues with measuring and drawing out the pattern to be sewn up…partly because it was difficult to keep the sheet flat, partly because the carpeted floor probably isn’t the best surface to be stretching out fabric to draw on, but mostly because we didn’t have a proper yardstick or long ruler, and were using a combination of tape measure, short ruler, and lid from a plastic box (they’re Really Useful).

We got there in the end, somehow, and I hand sewed up the sides and hems. I don’t do much sewing so it took me a wee while, but I’m quite proud of my somewhat uneven running stitches (the photos is of the neatest bit!)
2012-02-27 Lined chest 02

Then the fun bit – using our weapon of choice, the specially bought mini glue gun (always wanted one!). Add drawing pins for extra support, and there we are, one lined chest.
2012-02-27 Lined chest 01

Of course, about ten minutes after finishing sewing up the fabric, I remembered that I do have a yardstick after all…it came with my set of blocking wires. It’ll be handy for the second chest!

Head over to the Yarn Yard to see what everyone else has been making.

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