Settling in nicely

We’re pretty much done with the main DIY, woo!

Kitchen before (excuse the poor quality scan of the sale schedule as I never really got round to taking photos in here)
Kitchen 001 Kitchen 002

And kitchen after
Kitchen 003

Kitchen 004

We decided to go white with red; we thought about painting all the units white as well, but going by our other attempts with gloss paint it’s probably best that we decided not to in the end. We took down all the ‘extra panels’ that went below the wall mounted units though, and that itself gave the feeling of a bit more space.
Confession time: About a week after we finished painting there was a wee stain on the wall (as is wont to happen around the worktop areas in a kitchen). I wiped it away with soapy water, rubbed a little harder to get it off properly, and then realised I was looking at the old yellow paint. In a moment of genius we’d bought regular emulsion and happily painted on 3 coats. I guess as disasters go it could’ve been a lot worse…So when I say “pretty much done” it just means “apart from sorting out our wee bit of insanity.”

In the spare room, we stripped off more woodchip (coffee coloured this time),
Spare room 001

did more painting and fiddled with corners where the bright blue wall, light blue walls, and white ceiling met,
Spare room 003

and ended up with a nice little spare room, with space for all our Stuff!
Guests are very welcome too, once we get a mattress for the bed 🙂
Spare room 004

And what’s that in it’s own little corner of the wardrobe?
I could get used to this spare room lark 🙂
Spare room 005

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