View from my kitchen

This is the view from my kitchen (taken from the inside, hence some smudgy bits off the window…)
2012-06-02 Garden 001

We’ve been pretty busy in the garden the past couple of weekends. Super Gareth moved some of the (extremely heavy) paving slabs across to the other side in order to free up more space for the bed. On the left we have some herbs, and 16 strawberry plants (from which we’re expecting about 8 strawberries in total…). On the right it’s mostly flowers – dahlias, lupins, foxgloves, delphiniums, and in the middle of these poisonously pretty plants, a row of peas. The bush in the middle behind the pea canes has been chopped right back down now, so we can see a little more to the bottom half of the garden. We’ll gradually add more soil over the next few months in order to even out the slope between the top and bottom levels – who knew how heavy so little soil could be…

Over in the pots we have some peas, which looked like this 10 days ago,
2012-05-30 Peas 001

and like this today
2012-06-10 Peas 002

We’ve also been busy in the shed with seeds – this is one of my favourite bits.
2012-05-20 Seedlings 001

Three weeks later we have Cosmos Sensation ready for planting out!
2012-06-10 Seedlings 002

And many more little seedling coming along nicely too. How exciting!

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