New toy

I have something new to play with.
2012-06-17 Sewing machine

It is a Brother X-5, which seems to be also marketed as LS-2125. I haven’t figured out what the difference is, but they seem pretty similar; a minor upgrade or ‘re-release’ perhaps? It does 14 stitches, including a 4-step buttonhole, and comes with a button sewing foot and a zipper foot as well. The manual is pretty easy to understand and explains all the different stitches, but I’ve also found Jane Bolsover’s Sewing Machine Basics a good beginner’s book.

2012-06-17 Sewing machine

It’s an early birthday present from Gareth. For now I’ve been practising and getting used to it, and soon I will be confident enough to start taking up our curtains (which was pretty much the instigator for getting a sewing machine). I also promised not to buy any new fabric until my birthday next month, which I thought was a fair deal for being allowed to use my present early.

It’s all very exciting exploring this other area of textile craft. I’ve never been a big sewer but I’ve always liked looking at fabric and sewing patterns, and with the amount of stuff on tinternet, well, if there was a Ravelry for sewing I’d have quite a queue already! Speaking of Ravelry, I do realise there’s been a dire lack of knitting for a blog that claims to have a healthy dose of it…I haven’t given up on knitting, but with all the moving and DIY-ing I just sort of lost the inertia. I have been knitting and even did some spinning the other day, but just in little bits and pieces. Any sort of crafting I do makes me happy, and when the time is right and the knitting elements are in harmony it shall spring forth from my hands once more.

Anyway, with the sewing I’m still having trouble keeping my lines straight, but practice practice practice, I guess! This “Sewing Machine Driver’s Test” was very helpful as a very first start (especially as I was still a little afraid to actually thread the machine!). And today I decided to try and make something other than sampler lines, so I whipped up a little pincushion.
2012-06-17 Sewing machine

Except I didn’t quite know how to finish off the last bit after stuffing, so I did overcast stitch by hand.
2012-06-17 Sewing machine

My book goes through quite a number of techniques, but doesn’t deal with anything stuffed…but I’m sure I’ll learn eventually. In the mean time I’m still amazed by ‘simple’ things like blind hemming. Can’t wait to get cracking with them curtains!
2012-06-17 Sewing machine

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