Making Monday: Sewing machine cover (and sheep herding)

I finally got the kitchen curtains hemmed up (not the straightest lines in the world, but a good first try), so I then moved on to something else using some lovely new fabric.

Kokka sewing notions, and Jessica Jones’ Outside Oslo fabric in Dusk.
Fabric 01

I find measuring out pieces the hardest part so far – keeping lines straight. I’m probably not using the best tools for the job, but I have a big quilting ruler on its way to me, so hopefully that gets easier.
Sewing machine cover 01

Also, my reckoning that DIY seems to mostly involve cleaning can also be applied to sewing – it seems to mostly involve ironing!
Anyway, after some whizzing along on the machine, and some hair raising moments where seams where getting verrry close to the edge, my sewing machine now has its own cover.

Sewing machine cover 02
I used a nice, easy to follow pattern from Spool.

I think Gareth was feeling a little left out…
Sewing machine cover 03

Yesterday we also went out to the Aboyne sheepdog trials.
2012-07-22 Sheepdog trials 01

It was a fairly small, local event, but still very exciting, me being a townie and all that.
2012-07-22 Sheepdog trials 02

A sheepdog looking like it means business
2012-07-22 Sheepdog trials 03

2012-07-22 Sheepdog trials 04

Sometimes the handler has to do some persuading. I have no idea what they say (I don’t think many people do), but there was a lot of whistling and “come by, come by!”
2012-07-22 Sheepdog trials 05

Here’s someone who got his sheep in the pen within the time. It seemed pretty difficult – not many of the ones we saw managed. Extra stubborn sheep perhaps?
2012-07-22 Sheepdog trials 06

Aaaand relax…
2012-07-22 Sheepdog trials 07

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