And they’re off!

The ‘olympication’  part of Twenty Twelfty Jubilimpycation is well on its way, and I’m totally enjoying it! The opening ceremony was just amazing (someone give that man an Oscar…) and I think the the torch lighting was so very original, but it also had such a strong message about developing and encouraging future generations of talent. I couldn’t help but see a parallel with classical Indian music, where we place importance on the passing on of knowledge – one of the greatest honours for a teacher is when their student has not only ‘graduated’ but gone on to develop a student of their own to graduation level.

So, on the knitting front, I’m taking part in this year’s Ravellenic Games (essentially, select a knitting project or challenge, start during the Olympics, and aim to finish by the time the Olympic flame goes out). I had all intention of casting on my project right at the start of the ceremony, but I (and also others, as it turns out) was so engrossed in the ceremony that i couldn’t tear my eyes away to cast on until after the athletes’ parade started.


I must also confess that I’ve been rather distracted from my Ravellenics project, by none other than Usain Bolt. When i saw the pattern for him on the Radio Times website i couldn’t resist! I finally finished him yesterday.


So I’m back to my Trinity Shawlette now, a gorgeous P/hop pattern. Gareth and I go down to London tomorrow and I’m So Very Excited about it all! I’m also looking forward to doing my Olympic knitting at the Olympics 🙂 Going by the advice of others who’ve been in the venues, wooden circulars seem the best way forward. I hope they’re not an issue, but I’m willing to give up a set of 4mm interchangeable tips for the possibility that I’ll get to knit at London 2012 – not to mention being able to make some decent progress on my project during all the travelling and “aim to be there 2 hours before your event starts” waiting time.

Usain is helping out while it’s still smaller than him.


3 thoughts on “And they’re off!

  1. Hi sakthi So proud of you. I like Usain Bolt n hpoe u get to do ur knitting at the Olympics. all the best to you. Keep Up ur knitting skills!

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