Making Monday: Making it to the end

Bonkers – that’s what I think sums up the Olympics closing ceremony. Brilliantly Britishly Bonkers. Yes, some of the old hacks can’t quite rock the party anymore, but they still did their bit with some style. There was some waiting during ‘scene changes’, but it surely added to the anticipation of what was next. The speeches were bland, but they thanked all the right people, and did we expect anything else?

But, oh those awesome lightbulb hats, Churchill, Stomp, traffic, the athletes coming in high fiving the audience, Emeli Sande full of emotion, Anni Lennox does Dracula (that’s two ladies from Aberdeen at these ceremonies), the Spice Girls reminding us what they did for girl power, the honouring of the volunteers (I don’t think that’s been done at any other Olympics?) the cauldron unfolding beautifully and going out as poignantly as it was lit…
It may not have blown us away like the opening did, but (a) how could you top that, really? and (b) after all the energy, excitement, and drama of the games, I think it hit the right tone in reflecting that energy, but also winding down and saying “it’s been great, see you at the next one!”

And all the while I was knitting, knitting, knitting, away. I really gave it my all for one last push, going solid from about 2pm. As the Brazillians did their thing (I’m already looking forward to Rio 2016), as the flame went out, and as the show wrapped up, I was still casting off – I always forget how long it takes – and I knew my watch wasn’t as fast as I hoped it was. And in the end I finished my shawl, at 11 minutes past midnight.

Maybe if I hadn’t done chores or stopped for dinner, or if hadn’t looked up and enjoyed the ceremony as much, I might have finished by midnight, the deadline for Ravellenic Games 2012 medals. Or of course, if i hadn’t used precious Ravellenic time to make Usain Bolt in the first place…But that’s not how it happened, and there’s no room for ifs or buts. I made my choices, I did my best, my hands still slightly ache, and I’m rather impressed by that for some reason (I think it adds to the drama). I didn’t cross the line in time to win, but I sure as hell crossed it, and have a lovely shawl to show for it. It just needs blocking now.

Roll on the Paralympics!

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