Flowers and teacups

Yesterday I went to the RHS Aberdeen flower show. There were lots of beautiful flowers on display, like these huge dahlias
2012-08-25 RHS Aberdeen show 05

and delicate little violas
2012-08-25 RHS Aberdeen show 06

I remarked that it’s probably the closest I’ll get to Chelsea…but actually I hope that’s not true, I do hope I make it to the Chelsea flower shower someday!

There were lots of different categories, of course, and in the bonsai category – bonsai fuchsia! Who knew?
2012-08-25 RHS Aberdeen show 04

We were mostly taken up by the vegetables, I think.
2012-08-25 RHS Aberdeen show 02

2012-08-25 RHS Aberdeen show 01

And over in the dwarf succulent category were these little rock looking ones. I’d read about these when I was little, so it was quite exciting to see them.
2012-08-25 RHS Aberdeen show 03

On the way out I stopped by the “bric-a-brac” sale stall, and got myself a tea set for a song. I didn’t even realise I was bargaining…
All I’d asked was how much the teacup was, to which the reply was “how much would you be willing to pay for it?”
“Um, I’m not sure, are they being sold individually or as a set?”
“I’ll do you £5 for the set”
“Oh, right, well, I don’t think I could take the whole set, really” (And here I was thinking maybe a teacup or two for making candles…don’t think Gareth would be too impressed if I came home with a whole tea set…)
“Tell you what, £3 for the lot”
“Um…ok, thanks.”

So I walked away with a box of 6 lovely teacups, saucers, and cake plates,
2012-08-26 Tea set 01

and a milk jug and sugar bowl. Tea, anyone?
2012-08-26 Tea set 02

Spurred on by this crockery result, when I visited the Candy Belle pop-up vintage fair later in the afternoon, I spotted some Pyrex casserole dishes, and decided I had to have one.

JAJ Pyrex, Chelsea pattern
2012-08-26 JAJ Pyrex casserole dish

There’s a lot of love for vintage Pyrex nowadays; perhaps in the UK it’s partly because it’s no longer made here. My mum has loads of Pyrex, some of which I think she brought back from the US. I recall items in the Friendship pattern (I used to call them chickens), the Spring Blossom Green pattern, and the June Rose pattern as well. I used to tell her those design were “so old fashioned and 70s looking…” but for some reason they’ve grown on me. I suppose it’s probably because my mother has them that I seem to have found some affection for them now.

And when I got home with my haul, Gareth wasn’t unimpressed, just slightly bemused…

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