Making Monday: Lavender bags

I’ve started on the Cath Kidston “Sew!” book, which was a birthday present. I went for something small to begin with, the classic lavender bag. I tried cutting out with templates for the first time, and it gets a thumbs up from me – tracing and cutting seems less stressful than measuring. I used kitchen greaseproof paper, for lack of proper tracing paper, but it seemed to work just fine.

Lavender bags 01

Add lavender,
Lavender bags 02

and there we are, two hearts and a bird. I used about 8-10 g of dried lavender for the hearts, and about 12 g for the birds. They’re fairly quick and easy for a beginner, and I’m making more for Gareth’s mum who’ll be visiting this week, for my mum who’ll be visiting soon, and for my grandmother via my mum.
Lavender bags 03

I also finally finished the Sheep toilet roll cover that I started in June.
Sheep toilet roll cover 02

And I’d forgotten to include this previously – the blocked Trinity Shawlette, hanging out with my sweet peas Yarn Harlot style.
Trinity shawlette 02

Those sweet peas have recently gone through a growth spurt after some decent weather and finally started flowering properly. We’ve had a wee vase of them indoors, changed every 3 days or so, for a couple of weeks now.
2012-09-05 Sweet peas

And over in the strawberry patch, a grand total of two strawberries – sweet and yummy, and one which had been sampled already…
2012-09-08 Strawberries

2 thoughts on “Making Monday: Lavender bags

  1. Sakthi did u join the pieces by hand or sewing machine? I love ur knitting. Looking forward to seeing all ur handicraft personally soon.
    Love Mom

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