More fishies (and a peg bag)

Just over a week on, and as our Danios seem happy, we got some more fishies, this time three Otocinclus (Otocincluses? Not really sure how you pluralise fish breeds). They’re sometimes called dwarf suckermouths, as you can see.
2012-09-23 Otocinclus 03

They’re said to quite like staying still, and sucking on the aquarium glass, or plants, or rocks. These guys have been doing that, but they don’t always keep still either. They’ve been swimming around almost as quickly as the Danios at times.
2012-09-23 Otocinclus 02

They’re meant to be good for eating up aquarium algae, but often that’s not enough, as you should still keep the water clean as well. To supplement their diet it’s advised to give them some parboiled green leafy vegetables or squashes. So there’s a small slice of courgette at the bottom of the aquarium just now, which the little guys have been munching on every so often. My friend Lex will be pleased to know I have vegan fish 🙂

Meanwhile in the sewing corner, I attempted the peg bag pattern from the Cath Kidston book. This time I learnt about bias binding, and about having to pleat and fan the bias tape to go around a tight curve. I did the curve on the left first, and went a bit nuts with it, hence running out of tape and having to ‘patch on’ a piece at the top. The curve on the right is a little more restrained…
2012-09-23 Peg bag 01

The top corners didn’t come out so well, because I went and sewed up the top binding first, instead of tucking the side binding under it to look neater, but I’m more impressed with the rounded corners at the bottom.

2012-09-23 Peg bag 03

Finally, a home for my pegs
2012-09-23 Peg bag 02

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