Resurrect: to revive, reactivate, reanimate, rekindle

I decided to resurrect some neglected knitting projects. Partly because the colder weather is making me think about warm, snuggly, wooly things, and partly because Gareth said “It’s gonna be winter, where’s that Hurricane Hat you promised me?”

I started his hat in February, after I’d finished mine. I did the ribbing, and started the spiral, and then for some reason I ditched it. Today I discovered a load of misplaced knits and purls in the ribbing, all of them 7 rows down. I have no idea what happened there, but that probably explains why I’d dumped it and then never got inspired to sort it out. So I sat and fixed them all, knitted a few more rounds, and remembered just how much I like this pattern!
Hurricane hat 03

Then there’s the good old Aran vest I started last October, using the yarn and pattern that Gareth’s parents got me. I’d made some decent progress on it, but it was probably a combination of house-moving / DIY + deadline knitting + my usual habit of “I want to make this, and bake this, and do this, and…” that must’ve just got in the way.
I did about 4 rows today; had to do a bit of thinking at first, but luckily I’d been pretty good with pattern notes, and soon I was recalling just how much I like this pattern too!
Aran vest 03

I also managed a little hexipuff yesterday as well. The colours make me think of the little gem biscuits with pink or white icing sugar tops (turns out they were around in Britain for ages, and not just a Malaysian childhood snack!).
Hexipuffs 2012-10-06

And I have a pair of Christmas present socks on the go, and thankfully I’m on sock 2 of 2!
Good plain socks 02

So there we are, all my knitting present and accounted for.
In the meantime, despite the mad wind, rain, darker evenings, and general coldyness, my sunflowers are standing loud and proud (after Gareth staked them).
2012-10-06 Sunflower
Take that, Autumn!

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