No More Page 3 continues

So the campaign continues (at over 46,900 petition signatures today), and I’ve been mentioning it where appropriate, having promised Gareth that I won’t keep preaching about it all the time…

I’ve also received some responses to the emails sent out to all my elected representatives about it. And some of it’s a bit depressing…

MP – no response

MSPs – 2 of 8
“I do not sign petitions as I may have some role in deciding the outcome. I am utterly sympathetic to the aim as page 3 of the Sun is so wrong but the best remedy is not to buy it”
I don’t get this…there’s impartiality and there’s supporting a cause in support of the people of your community. Politicians make bold statements all the time, without hiding behind “oh I may be asked to make a decision on this at some point in the next 5 years.”

But thankfully there was a positive one from Alison McInnes, who signed the petition and had her name added to the “MPs’ open letter

MEPs – 2 of 6
Catherine Stihler was already on the MPs’ open letter at the time I started writing. Another MEP replied that they would sign the petition, but doesn’t seem to want to be named on the open letter.

Councillors – 2 disappointing responses of 4

Councillor 1
“Thank you for your e-mail.
I am not a Sun reader and never have been. I am a pensioner and things have certainly changed since my youth.
I believe the Sun has always had topless models and obviously these girls are paid for doing this.
I do not intend to sign the petition but good luck in your endeavours.”

Councillor 2
“thank you for your email. It was most interesting. Sufficient for me to say that I am neither a voyeur or a Sun reader.”

When I apologised for not understanding what that meant and asked for a clearer response, I got this:

“thank you for last email. I will try to explain my position as best I can. As we have freedom of the press ,as long as there are women, willing to show themselves off in this way, it is very difficult to eradicate completely. I, personally, do not subscribe to any institution that promotes voyeurism and never will do Although I haven’t signed your petition I do wish you luck.”

*tears hair out*

Talk about ingrained sexism “I believe the Sun has always had topless models”
And that makes it ok?
Or how about good old defeatism and apathy “it is very difficult to eradicate completely.”
Dude, HIV is very difficult to eradicate completely, but people are still trying very very hard to do it.

Funnily enough, Aberdeen City Council is “committed to improving the life circumstances of all our citizens and encouraging all women and men to develop their full potential,” so I’m not sure how these councillors of mine think a serious issue affecting women and the social development of young people is not worth standing up for. Anyway, I’m getting more high pitched in my head, so I’ll end with the positive thought that a non-supportive response from an elected representative is better than no response at all…

Aaaand relax…

Here is a pretty, starry slice of lady’s finger/okra, part of yesterday’s dinner
2012-10-14 Lady's finger

And of course, in exciting knitting news, next weekend it’s Glasgow School of Yarn 2012!

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