Joining hexipuffs

So, I don’t have very many hexipuffs, but I just felt like experimenting with joining them up. When I started out with hexipuffing I felt that I’d wanted to sew up all the connecting sides, so I tried that out.

I just did mattress stitch, like seaming any two pieces of stockinette stitch. For the cast on and cast off sides it was a bit trickier as there aren’t neat little knit stitch bars to go through, but I just consistently went through the same parts of the cast on/cast off ‘stitches.’
Hexipuffs 2012-11-01

It’s only a small line of seaming, so it pulls tight easily, and looks pretty neat.
Hexipuffs 2012-11-01

I also gave Stephanie Dosen’s original method of joining a go, and I have to say it does come together nicely!
Hexipuffs 2012-11-01

And here’s the ‘wrong’ side. The bits of yarn sticking out are where I’d cut the joining pieces, but in the real thing you’d pull this through into the hexipuffs, so they’d be much neater.
Hexipuffs 2012-11-01

Stephanie’s method is temptingly quick and easy, but in the end I think I just don’t like these gaps.
Hexipuffs 2012-11-01

So I’m going to stick with seaming them up. Back to making plenty more little hexipuffs!

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