Full Tank

More fishy friends have joined us!
2012-11-03 fish 02

We’ve got three new Cardinal Tetras. These are two of them and their reflections…
2012-11-03 fish 04

And also four little red Cherry Shrimp.
2012-11-03 fish 03

The Tetras have been a little shy, mostly hiding at the back the first day, but coming out a little more today.
2012-11-03 fish 07

The shrimp however started doing a walkabout investigation of the tank right away.
2012-11-03 fish 06

We seem to have gone for silver and black fish so far, so it’s nice to have a bit more colour in the tank. As for feeding, the Tetra will eat the same fish food as the Danios, while the shrimp are vegan too, so they’ll be getting in on the courgette action. These courgette are proving very popular, not just with the Otocinclus, and now shrimp, but also the multitude of snails that have been breeding like…snails…we’ll have to keep an eye on them and make sure they don’t overrun the tank!
2012-11-03 fish 01

So that’s us for now; our little underwater world is at full capacity, and everyone seems to be getting along nicely.

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