A walk in the woods

Today was such a nice, crisp, sunny day, so we went for a walk over at Scotstown moor.
2012-11-10 Scotstown moor 04

This Red Admiral was sunbathing on the grass.
2012-11-10 Scotstown moor 03

Lots of the trees had already lost most of their leaves with all the winds the past few weeks, but there were some looking lovely in full colour, mostly yellows.
2012-11-10 Scotstown moor 09

There were also lots of evergreens, including this interesting one which was green on one side, and silvery on the other.
2012-11-10 Scotstown moor 02

The sunlight was gleaming golden at the tops of the trees.
2012-11-10 Scotstown moor 05

And there was this random pole of a tree
2012-11-10 Scotstown moor 06

with very pretty red leaves.
2012-11-10 Scotstown moor 07

Part of the area has been designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) because the boggy bits support rare bog plants. They have interesting ‘witchcraft’ names like black bog rush, bog bean, marsh ragwort…we’ll have to look out for them when they’re flowering in the summer.

On the way home we took a road we’d never been down before, and just about ten minutes away we discovered the Parkhill garden centre, that had the widest range of bird feeders and birdseed we’ve seen.

The highlight was their giraffe sculpture. Giraffes and Aberdeen Angus are natural friends in the wild, don’t you know?
2012-11-10 Scotstown moor 10

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