Vegan biscuits

So my friend Lex, who is vegan, gave me some vegan friendly biscuits to sample.

2012-11-11 Vegan crackers 01

They are nut free, soy free, gluten free, wheat free, dairy free, egg free, yeast free…what is in them exactly??
According to the ingredients list, the bulk of it seems to be rice flour, pea flour, and cocoa powder, plus some minerals, oils, condiments, and starches.

It tastes like…chocolatish rice paper. Or just paper, as Gareth declared. He’s not a fan; I’m undecided. What it does remind me of is chocolate flavoured Enercal, a milky protein/nutrition drink we get in Malaysia.

So far I’ve enjoyed Lex’s vegan green tea cake, and vegan cookies, and of course ‘everyday’ things like salads and hummus are vegan as well, and enjoyed by carnivores too. But these biscuits…well, I don’t hate them, but I would probably pick them last to be on my team, y’know…Maybe childhood nostalgia brought on by the Enercal connection is the only reason I’m still hanging on to them.

Or maybe it’s the cute yet slightly odd Australasian animal shapes
2012-11-11 Vegan biscuits 02

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