Kept in the dark

2012-11-20 hyacinth

Our little hyacinth bulbs are bursting with potential. They’re in the utility closet, which is completely dark, but for the purpose of visibility we have Superflash on the go.

So the bulb on the left is from early November, but either this variety is slow, or we let the water level go down too quickly (more than likely), so the roots have been pretty elusive, but you can just see a little nub coming down. The bulb on the right was bought at the same time as the one on the left, and is clearly flying along. It even has a teeny tiny shoot poking out on top.

Meanwhile, the one in the middle was actually bought in mid-September, but as it was loose it didn’t come with instructions, so we’d happily put it on a sunny windowsill…which is what you’re not supposed to do…So after we got the other two, which did come with instructions, we put them all in the closet, and the older bulb has responded well to that.

Fingers crossed they all come along eventually, and we’ll have a nice set of hyacinths for Christmas (or Burns Night, at this rate) – one deep pink, one lilac, and one white.

1 thought on “Kept in the dark

  1. Doesn’t matter when they flower they’ll look great! I’ve never tried growing hyacinths – possibly a good thing to try with the kids next autumn (I’ll never remember will I?!). I’d have to have a serious clear-out of my airing cupboard though :-D.

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