Blogs discovered

I mentioned yesterday that I get a lot of inspiration and ideas from the internet and other blogs, which leads nicely into another one of the BlogHer November NaBloPoMo prompts: “Tell us about three new blogs you found this year.”

In chronological order:

The Pothole Gardener
A fantastic concept, of crafting beautiful little gardens in unlikely places (like potholes and pavement cracks), executed to perfection. The pothole gardener is a creative genius, and has inspired many others to garden in big and small places too.

Feminist, non-stop talker, passionate, and witty, nothing misses Talat’s keen eye for spotting bullshit. I met Talat during our uni days, and am very pleased to have remained sort of in touch via Facebook, and later to discover her blog. I have much respect for her and her writing, and her posts are a good laugh but also a strong reminder of why feminism is still so important today.

Kate’s Creative Space
I found this blog only about a week ago, via the Daily Post, and it was just a joy to discover. Her recent posts have already made ideas bubble up in my head, and I’m enjoying going through the older posts. Her photos are so beautifully composed, and her posts are lovely stories about her creative efforts (and achievements) with her son. She has great ideas and tutorials, which are often brilliantly simple.

Those are just some of the blogs I’ve come across this year. One of the nice things I’ve found about taking part in a group challenge like NaBloPoMo is finding so many other great blogs and posts out there!

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