30 days hath November

Almost as suddenly as it came along, NaBloPoMo rolled to a close, and I made it to the end.

I did struggle a little to post every day, partly with thinking about what to write, and partly having the time to do it. I take a while to ‘get into the flow,’ and even if I’ve planned what I’m going to write I still take ages refining until I’m happy with it. Poor neglected Gareth was very understanding about it all.

As it turns out, when I don’t have anything else to write about, it looks like I can always write about food! My post about one of my favourite dishes even got mentioned in a WordPress.com NaBloPoMo roundup, which was really nice.

I don’t know if I’ll do something like this again, as I really did feel the self-imposed pressure sometimes. But I think it was a good exercise and I’m glad I did do it, even if it’s this one time. I certainly got a lot more visitors, and it was nice to interact a little more in the comments. And another thing I really liked was finding lots of other blogs, whether through my own visitors or things like the Daily Prompt.

Now it’s back to posting once a week, and having done them daily I think I can make the effort to be more consistent with weekly posting. So enough of November then, I’m well into December and festive cheer!

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