Over to the dark side

When I first got a ‘proper’ smartphone I decided to go for an Android. I knew iPhones had a lot going for them, but I also felt Apples were too restrictive, a big evil corporation, and Androids were just as clever. I had my HTC Sensation for a year, and in that time I’ve enjoyed using it, but I’ve also seen Apple products in action and was willing to give them a try – one must be objective after all. And as for big evil corporations, well, Google and their unpaid tax aren’t doing themselves any favours. They’re all just as bad as each other really…

I was happy to wait till the end of my mobile contract, but once the iPhone 5 was released a friend of mine got her upgrade, so I bought her iPhone 4, and so far so very good. It’s obviously a whole new system to me and will take a bit of getting used to, but it already feels really quite intuitive, and of course it’s quick, clever, and just beautiful to look at and use. I’d say you could probably configure and customise Androids (HTCs at least) a little bit more, but unless you knew exactly what you were doing I don’t think there’s all that much more you change compared to iPhones. There’s also something quite satisfying about the iPhone settings and its consistency across functions as well. Who knows, I might want to go back to Androids in another year’s time, but for now I’m certainly happy to have ventured into iPhones. Gareth will inherit my HTC (which also contains all his Angry Birds achievements), and we’ll sell his Blackberry.

In the mean time, independent from the phone changes, Gareth and I had also decided to get an iPad for Christmas. That was part of today’s Christmas shopping, so this post is brought to you by the WordPress app for iPad.

In the dark side and loving it.


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