Almost Christmas


We made it over to Jersey, after a somewhat convoluted journey. We went Aberdeen airport to London City airport, DLR to Canning Town, tube to London Bridge, train to Gatwick airport, and finally reached Jersey. If only we’d caught a bus and the Thameslink that would’ve been “all public transport vehicles one can find in London.” 🙂

So it’s Christmas Eve and it definitely feels properly Christmassy now. Gareth’s parents’ home is all decked out in Christmas finest, there’s mince pies, Christmas cake, sweeties, and cups of tea on tap, and lots of talk of what we’re having for Christmas Eve, and Christmas breakfast and Christmas dinner…


We’ve already settled into the nice lazy mornings and being spoilt by parents, and we finished the last of our Christmas shopping yesterday, so no more going out to the shops for a while. Now it’s all about “things you can do while slouched on the sofa.” Gareth’s quite happy in front of the telly with all manner of live sport, and I’m spoilt for choice with books to read, knitting to knit, random internetting to waste time with (lolcatz here I come…).

And as we relax with our friends and families this holiday, let’s also spare a thought for the folks having a pretty awful time of year, and for the support and rescue groups doing their best to help.

Wishing you all a safe and happy Christmas!

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