Jersey Christmas

2012-12-27 Jersey 04

Christmas in Jersey was lovely, apart from a bout of the norovirus that seems to be going round more than usual this winter. I started first, followed by Gareth on Christmas day, and then his dad on Boxing day. So it was a pretty quiet Christmas, but luckily the bug lasts only a few days, and we were all soon feeling alive again and had a nice time overall.

This little mutt is still as cute and as terribly mischievous as before; here he’s under the coffee table, his favourite hiding place when he knows he’s in disgrace.
2012-12-21 Jersey 05

On Christmas Eve we had lunch at Gorey, near the marina.
2012-12-24 Jersey 06

2012-12-24 Jersey 08

There appears to be a pirate restaurant there.
2012-12-24 Jersey 07

On Boxing day Gareth’s brother and niece came round for the day, and we made good use of our new board game, Risk: Lord of the Rings. You play as either the good side or the evil side, with little orc, Nazgul, cave troll, eleven archer, Rohan rider, and eagle pieces. Also the One Ring travels across the lands, and when it reaches Mount Doom the game’s over. Good fun, although I’m rubbish at strategy games, while Gareth is very good at them (you can tell how this story ends).

We ended up with a good haul of Christmas presents, and one of them was afternoon tea at St. Brelade’s Bay Hotel, from Gareth’s parents. We went on our last day, and started with a wee walk by St. Brelade’s Church,
2012-12-28 Jersey 09

and carried on along the beach front,
2012-12-28 Jersey 12

before sitting down to a lovely afternoon tea.
2012-12-28 Jersey 13

And all too soon it was time to head home, this time via a slightly more sensible route. Jersey to Gatwick, a coach to Heathrow (thankfully a very direct one between the right terminals!) and back to Aberdeen.
In Heathrow we had breakfast at Wagamama, and spotted Jason Statham and Jason Flemyng, so I did some kinnearing (an art form invented by the Yarn Harlot).
2012-12-29 Jersey 14

2012-12-29 Jersey 15

And we finally got home, safe and sound. House still standing, fish still alive, all good. It’s quite nice that we’re still on holiday, and the new year’s just round the corner!

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