Getting organised: part 2

Mail organiser 06

The second part of the organising plan was to sort out our mail, as it usually just ends up in a pile at the bottom of the stairs. I liked the idea of some sort of hanging pocket thing, which would attach to the bottom of the memo board, and would also fit takeaway menus.

As before, there were a whole lot of ideas to be found on the interweb. At first I thought a row of pockets might work, but then I decided I preferred having pockets attached to a backing. I also liked the simple gussets on Left Coast Mama’s pockets, to give “lots of room for all of those bills!”

With all that in mind, I started drawing up how I wanted it to look, decided on finished measurements, and then worked out what I’d need for each piece of fabric, adding on extra length for seams, folds, etc. I based the small pocket measurements on A5 envelopes, and the wide pocket on our favourite takeaway menu. For the main body and pockets I used iron-on interfacing between 2 layers of fabric, as suggested here, to give it a bit more weight and stability.

Here are the pockets folded and pinned. I should’ve been a little bit more careful with measuring out pocket dimentsions when pinning them down, as I ended up making the wide pocket just a tiny bit narrower than the long takeaway menus, but with an extra large gusset…they squeeze in ok, and the longer ones can be folded, but it just seems a bit silly not to have been more accurate.
Mail organiser 02

Here are those lovely gussets. Even though the ones on the wide pocket turned out too big, I’m still quite taken with them.
Mail organiser 04

And here we are, all sewn up. I made up two ‘straps’ and sewed them on as hanging loops. Then we just positioned the loops against the lower back of the memo board frame, and hammered in two brass drawing pins on either side.
Mail organiser 03

The updated kitchen corner.
Mail organiser 07

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