Scolty Hill

We went for a walk with some friends today, up Scolty Hill in Banchory. Quite an apt activity for the day, as it was the Hindu festival Thaipusam today. In Malaysia many of those observing this festival visit the Batu Caves temple, which is up in limestone hills, accessed by 272 steps – this makes up part of the pilgrimage as you make your way to worship. So I at least observed the ‘physical effort and determination’ part of the festival.

2012-01-27 Scolty Hill

Some sections, especially lower down, weren’t very snowy at all
2012-01-27 Scolty Hill

But as we got higher it was pretty deep on the path, and knee-high or deeper if you happened to stumble off the path, which I did…
2012-01-27 Scolty Hill

As usual I found it totally knackering. Walking up steep bits is one thing, but fear can be really quite tiring too. With my acute sense of self preservation I found it quite scary, stumbling and sliding around, especially on the way down! Meanwhile the little kids were racing around gleefully, having snowball fights on the way up and down.

Pretty views though.
2012-01-27 Scolty Hill

Almost there!
2012-01-27 Scolty Hill

Made it to the top! Time for a rest…
2012-01-27 Scolty Hill

There’s a tower monument and viewing platform, but I didn’t go up.
2012-01-27 Scolty Hill

Here’s Gareth round the other side
2012-01-27 Scolty Hill

We eventually made our way down, and then went for a well deserved lunch.

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