A whole new (underwater) world

Our little fish tank has been going well for the last 5 months or so, and I’ve gotten into the whole fishkeeping thing a bit more too. Turns out Gareth’s really been wanting a much larger one, so we started looking them up (and doing measuring at home), and pretty soon I was all for a bigger tank too. So we got ourselves a shiny new 180 litre tank.

We took all the Danios out of the little tank and rehoused them in the big one, and then added some Pearl Danios to join them.
2013-02-02 New tank

We’ve also got some Cherry Barbs,
2013-02-02 New tank

and Bristlenose Catfish – these two prefer the dark and tend to hang out at the back,
2013-02-02 New tank

except for when they’re eating up algae, which they’re very good at.
2013-02-02 New tank

And finally we got some Red Honey Gourami.
2013-02-02 New tank

Our nemesis has also made an appearance…but perhaps this time we can be more vigilant about removing them before they get into a mad reproductive burst.
2013-02-02 New tank

So the new tank’s been going well for a few weeks now. Unfortunately we had one casualty, a Pearl Danio who didn’t take the move from the shop very well…but these things happen.
Everyone else seems happy though, and happy to hang out together as well. They all also love the bit where the filter pumps water back into the tank, making a sort of ‘jet stream’ that they love swimming in.
2013-02-02 New tank

2013-02-02 New tank

Meanwhile back in the little tank we’ve got the smaller and calmer fish (and shrimp), and we added four guppies as well.
2013-02-02 New tank

These two are best friends.
2013-02-02 New tank

I think the Tetra and Otocinclus are happy to have less crazy tankmates now.
2013-02-02 New tank

All is well in the underwater worlds.
2013-02-02 New tank

6 thoughts on “A whole new (underwater) world

  1. Hehe, if I had fish I’d be doing Finding Nemo voices all the time :-D. I did once share a house for a few months with a fish-owner – he’d go off at weekends and leave me to feed the fish and I was terrified of over/underfeeding them and coming downstairs to a host of dead tetras!

    • Yeah, it is a big responsibility, especially if you aren’t used to it. Gareth will be away for a couple of weeks soon and I will be in charge of all the fish, all by myself! At least I’m used to looking after them now, but still, fingers crossed nothing happens…

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