An attempt at quilting

I’m blaming Kajsa Wikman’s Scandinavian Stitches.
I was given this book for my birthday, and apart from her simple and cute Scandinavian designs I was also quite taken up by her quilting projects. I soon found myself increasingly wandering over to quilting blogs online, and I think that’s when I knew I’d been bitten by the quilting bug and just had to try it myself.

Like knitting, quilting’s also had the whole stereotype of little old ladies attached to it, but it’s not just for grannies, oh no. While a lot of the traditional designs are still appreciated, The Modern Quilt Guild has some examples of just how much of a modern art form quilting can be. And just like knitting, sewing, papercrafts, and other supposedly ‘twee’, ‘women’s’ hobbies, there’s a huge number of people who enjoy it, including men, and a whole lot of economic activity around quilting too.

So, over the Christmas and New Year break I ventured into this other world of fabric and stitching. I started out with something small, the Bird Nest bowl (or basket, as I call it) from Scandinavian Stitches. I used the main pattern to make up the ‘basket’ and then attached a strip as a handle, so that we could use it as a sort of ‘key basket’ near the front door.
This involved mostly free motion quilting…so after some tips from the internet, including here and here, I went for it…

There were some puckering issues at the front.
2013-01-06 Key basket: An attempt at quilting 01

And it was rather more disastrous at the back…’eyelashes’ and skipped stitches everywhere!
2013-01-06 Key basket: An attempt at quilting 02

Still, the front wasn’t too shabby for a first attempt I guess.
2013-01-06 Key basket: An attempt at quilting 03

And then I eventually sewed it all together, did the binding, and attached the handle.
2013-01-06 Key basket: An attempt at quilting 04

Key basket in action.
2013-01-06 Key basket: An attempt at quilting 05

After that attempt I did lots of Googling to troubleshoot my free motion quilting woes, and apparently it happens…it takes time and practice; no easy way out there. But there was also a lot to be said about using a free motion foot, so I ordered one online.

I’d also discovered an LQS (Local Quilt Store, the quilting equivalent of a Local Yarn Store) in Aberdeen (full of pretty fabric and Stuff), and wouldn’t you know, they had a whole schedule of classes, so I signed up for one. More on that next time!

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