Baking day

On this Sunday of Baking, I started out with vegan banana cake for my friend’s birthday, using this recipe. I think my bananas were maybe a bit large, so I had to leave it for about 20 minutes longer, with foil on top. I’d never tried this recipe before, so I had to take a slice off one end to check the taste! I figured it would be fine as it was Cake for her Birthday, not Birthday Cake.

I’d also planned to take some cake into work, and when I saw this recipe for Blackcurrant and Mascarpone Victoria Sponge, I knew I was going to do Victoria sponge: Cupcakefied. I decided to hold off on the mascarpone, though. I like the idea of it, but I’ve never used it myself before, and for some reason I was afraid to try it on cupcakes; so I decided to stick with good old buttercream.

An array of cake.
2013-02-24 Baking day

After leaving the cupcakes to cool I switched on Absolute Radio 90s (oh yeah!) and got down to icing. Here’s a free tip: if you’re having a Baking Day and you’ve gone to buy ingredients beforehand, maybe buy more than one pack of butter (especially if you’re making buttercream, genius…).

Not one to tolerate a spanner in my works when I’m on full steam, I checked with the Internet, and it is possible (and forgivable) to make buttercream with margarine instead. Or olive spread, in this case. So off I went, just adding lots of icing sugar and a touch of milk as I beat and beat, until it looked and tasted right.

On Saturday I’d gotten these little squeezy icing bottles.
2013-02-24 Baking day

It was a bit fiddly to get the icing in them – I tried a plastic bag with a hole in the corner but the hole just kept getting bigger and the icing oozed all over…so I stuck with a teaspoon; little and often did the trick. And then icing, normally rather tedious, was really fun.

Blackcurrant jam goes on,
2013-02-24 Baking day

and then a swirl of buttercream. I’m loving that star nozzle.
2013-02-24 Baking day

A special pair for my teammate, with more jam and less buttercream.
2013-02-24 Baking day

I tried to get a little funky with the mini ones, but some outcomes were more desirable than others. For now the traditional swirl is best.
2013-02-24 Baking day

They went down well.
2013-02-24 Baking day

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