A Disneytastic weekend

A pair of our friends get married in April, and while the boys’ stag do was a (mostly) calm affair that included football and a Very Long Walk, the girls were off and away to Disneyland Paris! I’d been to Disneyland LA when I was seven; I absolutely loved it then and was just as excited about it this time round, and it was also interesting to go back as a big child adult this time.

We stayed in a Western themed hotel, Cheyenne, and my goodness it was a whole Wild West town!
2013-03-04 Joules' hen weekend

When Disney do a theme they do it properly!
2013-03-04 Joules' hen weekend

Our hotel was about 15 minutes’ walk from the Disney Village – the village is open entry, with shops and restaurants, and it leads to the ticketed park entrances, as well as the train station. Who knew the Eurostar went all the way into Disneyland?!
2013-03-04 Joules' hen weekend

One of the items in our lovely goodie bags was Minnie inspired nails. These were fun, but goodness, it’s really tricky doing simple things like putting clothes on! Buttons! Argh!
2013-03-04 Joules' hen weekend

We had dinner at the Rainforest Cafe in the Village. Quite a nice place, good cocktails, and decor and animals that come to life every so often.
2013-03-04 Joules' hen weekend

The next day was the big one – we were out at Disneyland (wheeee!) and Walt Disney Studios. It’s been quite a long time since I was on a roller coaster, and I was pretty shaken after the first one, but I carried on and enjoyed it! 🙂 The queues weren’t so fun, especially as the weather wasn’t exactly sunny – at some points some of us were going into hibernation – but at least it stayed dry all weekend.

Main Street, USA, leading to Magic Kingdom!
2013-03-04 Joules' hen weekend

Spot the bride!
2013-03-04 Joules' hen weekend

Good old It’s A Small World…a nice relaxing ride, and a good chance to thaw out!
2013-03-04 Joules' hen weekend

The only thing I was a little disappointed about was the lack of Disney characters wandering around the park, as that’s one of the things I remembered about my last Disney experience. Perhaps they come out during peak season. Anyway, I’ll settle for Topiary Mickey.
2013-03-04 Joules' hen weekend

In the evening we went for Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, dressed as cowboys, with the bride as a Native American.
2013-03-04 Joules' hen weekend

It was good fun, and of course we were the noisiest bunch in the audience.
2013-03-04 Joules' hen weekend

After that we headed to what appeared to be the local watering hole – Billy Bob’s Western Bar in the Disney Village. Some of the cast from the Wild West show also turned up, and were a good laugh. A great way to round off a rootin’-tootin’ weekend, before we all headed back on our various flights and trains the next day.

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