Holidays are over; we’re doing healthy eating now

We got back from holiday this week, so this weekend we’ve been sorting out ourselves, the house, and the garden that exploded into life while we were away. There’s plenty to tell and LOTS of photos to sort through, but for now here’s something that went down very well today:

Fragrant spices
2013-06-22 Courgette fritters

in our new Tumbuk Kallu (tumbuk = Malay for punch or hit, and kallu = Tamil for stone)
2013-06-22 Courgette fritters

Courgettes seriously hold a LOT of water
2013-06-22 Courgette fritters

The batter doesn’t look very convincing, but it does hold up in the frying pan
2013-06-22 Courgette fritters

And there we go: Frugal Feeding’s Courgette Fritters
2013-06-22 Courgette fritters

A lovely healthy meal for people who have had far too much of my mum’s awesome cooking and all our favourite Malaysian food!

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