A quick word on #twittersilence

After all the craziness of the last week, some people, including me, are having a #trolliday. Some may see it as “giving in to the abusers”, “shutting yourself up when you should be shouting”, and it’s neither. For me, it’s about an act of solidarity with those who have been receiving and dealing with abuse, and those who have found the abuse too much and have been silenced. We’re not leaving Twitter for good, just for 24 hours – to make a point; to say “this many people feel this strongly about it”.

Ever since I came across an article that said “if something is free, you’re probably the product” (wish I could remember where it was), I’ve been aware that I am Twitter’s product that it sells to its advertisers. So for a bunch of us to deny Twitter its product is something…not a huge thing maybe, but a something. I’m sure it’s but a drop in the ocean, but it’s still a drop they’re going to be aware of. I do believe Twitter has to do more, and I’m somewhat assured by the noises its been making in the last couple of days, although much remains to be seen.

But this is also about saying something to other people in the Twitterverse – I’m going away for a while, because I feel for people who have been taking a lot of shit. I haven’t had to deal with this sort of abuse, and I can’t physically help or comfort them, but it’s my small way of showing some support, and making the extent of this issue known.

Wiser words than mine have been written about this here and here.

So go silent, or don’t, either way we’ve just talked about it. See you on Twitter on Monday!

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