Covers and holders

I decided to make a pretty fabric cover for my notebook, so I finally made use of the lovely Jessica Jones fabric I got a while back.
2013-09-10 Notebook cover

I used this tutorial, which was pretty easy to follow. I omitted the elastic band, and added a ribbon bookmark.

This is the inside, and notebook just slips into the side flaps, which are also handy for the bits of paper I always seem to collect.
2013-09-10 Notebook cover

Here’s Sakthi’s top tip she wishes she’d thought of before the event:
When you measure round a hardcover notebook, check just how wide that hard cover is. And if your measurement comes out as 11 and 7.5 eigths of an inch, just round up! I really should’ve added about another eight of an inch on top of that for the cover width! As you can tell, it was a bit of a squeeze, but we got there in the end. And cotton stretches…

Next up was a business card holder. I’ll be at a conference next week, but generally my little business cards don’t get to come out and play very often so they might as well live in a pretty place.

This tutorial was nice and straightforward. Instead of fusible fleece I just used regular iron-on interfacing for both the top and lining pieces, although I do like the slightly puffy, squidgy feel you get with the fleece. If I do this again I might try using a piece of batting, or even a flat layer of toy stuffing.
2013-09-11 Business card holder

And here it is filled up.
2013-09-11 Business card holder

The inside pocket fabric is from an old pair of trousers, and I’ve got some pretty good sewing use out of them. Also, I was very pleased that I managed to find the spare button that came with the trousers, which matches the fabric exactly. Gotta celebrate the small achievements.

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