100 Happy days

I first came across 100 Happy Days when a friend of mine posted about it. Basically, each day you take a photo of (or perhaps share a link to) something that makes you happy – the idea being that it’s easy, in our important, busy, and stressful schedules, to forget to take the time to be happy and appreciate what’s good in our lives. I guess the hope is that by day 100 we become more used to appreciating the positives, however big or small.

I’m generally a happy and optimistic person, and am fortunate to live comfortably, but along with the usual annoyances and frustrations that we all have to deal with, I often get angry with the injustices of the world. In my head I’m gearing up for a rant already, but anyway, happy thoughts can only be a good thing; it would do me good to consciously think about the positives around me – appreciating the happy, contented, silly, fun moments and not just taking the good stuff for granted.

I’ve been seeing varieties of #100happydays all over the internet, and after another friend started the project I realised I’d been thinking about doing this since I first saw it, but had been afraid to start…and then I realised I was being ridiculous and decided “sod it lah, there’s no happy police, and if I don’t start now I never will…”

So, armed with my trusty smartphone I’ll be posting daily to Twitter, and doing a weekly roundup here. On to week 1:

I love the stupid conversations and trains of thought that are perfectly normal between us siblings.





Coffee and walnut cake, from a Nigel Slater recipe, for my workmate’s birthday. There was buttercream left over for cupcakes yesterday as well 🙂






It’s been a while since I did Friday at the pub with my workmates (not that I never go to the pub, but I usually join Gareth and other friends at our local), so we had a nice wee sesh that ended with Nepalese food (and leftovers for dinner the next day. Result). Also been a while since I’ve had pixie juice (or pear cider, to use its boring name), which always reminds me of my friend Howard.






Clocks have gone back, weather’s getting more spring-like, and my tulips are starting to venture out.








Gareth was away all week, and I was away most of the previous week, so I’m of course delighted that he’s back, and that we’ll get to hang out together at home again 🙂

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