100 Happy days: Week 2

I received a society newsletter, which comes with the usual advertising, but this one caught my eye just before being dumped in the recycling box. I carefully folded it up along all the dotted lines and launched it up in the air…and it crashed. No use for flying, but it provided some amusement for a wee while.

Tuesday is knitting night, and I’ve been crocheting these cute wee hearts. It took me the whole 2 hours of knitting group to make the purple one, and 20 minutes to make the white one after I got home. We have good chat at knitting group.

The Commonwealth Water Polo Championships have been going on at Aberdeen’s new aquatics centre, and the week before it started we found out that one of my workmates is in the Scottish Men’s team – how impressive! I managed to go to one of his matches – Scotland v England. Unfortunately Scotland lost, but it was an exciting game. I’d never really seen water polo before, and my goodness, they really go for each other, dunking heads, grabbing arms, getting sent to the sin bin…

Another lovely, sunny evening, perfect for daffodils to show off. Aberdeen City Council certainly seems to have invested in daffodils over the years – I approve 🙂

Gareth had a wander round the British Museum when he was in London last week, and knowing how I like washi tape, he got me washi paper earrings! I wore them today.

More daffodils 🙂 An unassuming bunch of buds from Asda suddenly burst into the most brilliant two-toned blooms!

My purse broke a couple of weeks ago, and it’s been a pain trying to find a suitable successor. I’m so very fussy, and it has to be just so, and I dearly loved my last purse, so I’ve been looking, and looking, and evaluating, and looking some more…I did check if New Look still had the same one available, but no such luck – it was from about 5 years ago after all… So I finally settled on this one. It’s not quite perfect, but I think I’ve accepted that it’s the best compromise, so I’m glad the desperate search is over and I have a working purse again. And the sheep help make it all better 🙂

2 thoughts on “100 Happy days: Week 2

  1. Yes, daffodils are a beautiful sight in Aberdeen! (I just wish they had kept the roses they used to have…) Your new purse looks really unusual and pretty.

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