Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring!

Sorry to be clichéd, but Spring to me is sunshine and flowers, and the Springiest flower of them all is the tulip!

2014-05-02 Tulips

2014-05-02 Tulips

2014-05-02 Tulips

Our tulip patch has done well this year.
Some are only just blooming, some have been and gone.

2014-05-02 Tulips

2014-05-02 Tulips

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7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring!

  1. I absolutely love the tulip with the red and white petals and hazy ligthing. It looks like someone splashed red paint all over a white tulip. Great shot, well done. Flowers are so beautiful, so it’s very hard to get tired of photos of them 🙂

      • I like flowers but I’ve never been one for photographing them. Not a huge fan of getting close to them because I have bad allergies. But it’s always fun trying 🙂

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