100 Happy days: Week 5

Gareth sowed some peas from last year’s seed packet. Turns out only 3 grew to anything worth planting out…but still, those 3 look pretty healthy 🙂

Tuesday is knitting day, and this week we have Lex’s jumper sleeve, with its very cheery rainbow flecks!

I had a day trip to London, and on the way back in the Terminal 5 waiting lounge I spotted a pop-up bubble tea stall! I haven’t had Bubble tea (or pearl milk tea as I used to know it) since I was back in KL last year, so I was very excited by this.

Yummy M&S ‘Spanish bread’ and chargrilled vegetable pizza, served up fashionably on a chopping board, and accompanied by our version of Burger Sauce (mayo + Reggae Reggae sauce).

More tulips out in the garden 🙂

And today I brought in some of the tulips. A bit of a random selection, but they are all home grown and please me no end.

It was a lovely Sunday morning and we got some good work done out in the garden. Lots of weeds weeded, seeds sown, and seedlings planted out. I’m very pleased with this neat sweet pea frame, which should (hopefully) prove an improvement on the sweet pea jungles of the past couple of years 🙂

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