100 Happy days: Week 7

Got myself some new yarn from the Wool Warehouse

And on knitting Tuesday I crocheted another wee heart with the purple yarn that’s in the middle of the previous photo: Lily Sugar n Cream Solids – Grape

We spotted a Cadbury’s mix bag of treats, which also included these yummy little mini Oreos.

I bid on some interesting looking old books, and won the bid. I also ended up winning 2 more bids from the same seller, so the postage will be reduced, bonus!

We had a lovely meal out tonight, and finished with this brilliant white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake.

2014-05-17 Baby fish
Our fish have been busy! The guppies have had babies, but they’re much too quick to photograph properly. These little corydoras babies were rescued eggs which hatched successfully in a separate little nursery tank. There are two batches about a week apart. The older batch are about 1.5 cm long at the moment, and the littler ones are about just under 1 cm. Hopefully they all grow big and strong!

2014-05-18 Aubergine
We made a couple of Persian dishes by Sabrina Ghayour, who was on Saturday Kitchen yesterday (all recipes from that episode are here). We did roast aubergine with garlic, and as seen on TV, we roasted it on our hob over the gas flame. Very exciting. We also had lamb kefta meatballs, which were another winner. Unfortunately I was so enthusiastic about the food I forgot to take a photo until after it was all gone, but I did get photos of the charred aubergine before scooping out the insides.

1 thought on “100 Happy days: Week 7

  1. Lovely post, Sakthi! We too are huge fans of mini Oreo cookies… and I love the idea of bidding for old books on eBay; I usually rummage in charity shops but the pickings of truly vintage and interesting ones are slim.. I’m off to browse eBay now instead! Kate

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