100 Happy days: Week 8

A yummy dinner of lentils, fried chicken, and asparagus.

My work Book Group selected this book, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The HarperCollins synopsis is pretty good (whereas there’s a review in the Guardian which just gives everything away!), but it doesn’t mention one of the things I really liked – that it’s a mainstream book where quilting is a big part of the story. Thinking about the one other Tracy Chevalier book I’ve read, The Burning, some of the people in it made Dorset buttons. I definitely want to read more Tracy Chevalier books, especially The Girl with the Pearl Earring.

I was admiring these bluebells at Gareth’s work. I never knew there were pink and white bluebells too.

Homemade bread and butter pudding, which turned out pretty yummy. It probably needed a bit more bread, for the size of the dish, but it was still good.

Inspired by our 2014 World Cup sticker endeavours, we finally got round to eBaying the final stickers required to finish up the 2010 album! Glad it’s done now, and hopefully we finish up the 2014 one sometime this year!

The bees are awake now and I like seeing them in our garden. The bumblebees and honeybees both love this Ajuga (or Bugle) plant. I love it too, with it’s lovely dark leaves and bright purple flowers.

We haven’t made macaroons in ages so I decided to make some – these have lemon buttercream for the filling. They went down well at my work 🙂

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