100 Happy days: Week 9

My friend Katherine and I play squash on Mondays. We’re as bad as each other, so there’s nothing overly skilful about our playing, but it’s some exercise at least. Today’s session seemed extra ‘exercisey’, as we seemed to be doing lots of running around all over the court!

Lex’s elbow is happy, because Lex has just got a job! Well done Lex!

We never seem to get round to going to the cinema, but we did today! The new X-Men involves time travel, and doesn’t start off right where the last one in the timeline ended, so it took a bit of thinking about…but it was good and we enjoyed it.

Our lupins are back, and bigger than ever!

My current book. It took a little while to get going – but maybe that’s because I mostly read it late at night when I’m tired…but I’m halfway through now, and certainly enjoying it.

A few of us had a girly afternoon tea to celebrate (very belatedly) Katherine’s birthday – except instead of tea the teapots contained cocktails. Good company, and good fun.

What a lovely sunny Sunday it was. We did lots of work in the garden, and halfway through Gareth went away to Homebase and came back with more plants, and a surprise barbecue! So for the first time since moving into our home, we had a lovely wee barbecue in the back garden.

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